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Hotel Regulations


1. During check-in you have to show a photo ID, sign the registration form and pay Climate Crisis Resilience Fee 10€ per room per day.
2. Check-in at 15.00 and check-out at 11.00.
3. Information, including personal data and other, necessary to proper execution of the hotel agreement isrequired to rent a room.
4. Quiet hours from 23.00 to 7.00 the next day.
5. The Reception gives one key to the room, for its lost Guest will be charged 10 €.
6. Request for an extension of stay beyond the period specified on arrival should be notified at the Reception before 10.00 am on departure day. Such extension whenever possible has an additional cost, the price list is available at the reception.
7. During check in Guest receives a wristband entitling him to use the attractions included in the All Inclusive offer.
8. Only Hotel’s Guest are allowed to enter the hotel.
9. Persons not registered at the Hotel can stay in its territory, only with the consent of Hotel Management in the lobby area between 7.00 and 23.00.
10. Hotel is not liable for any loss or damage of valuables left in the room.
11. Guest bears financial liability for any kind of damage or destruction of equipment objects and technical devices of the Hotel arisen through his fault.
12. Guest should notify the reception about the damage immediately after it is discovered.
13. The hotel is entitled to a lien on items brought by the guest in the event of non-payment for the damage.
14. Children under 12 must be accompanied by their parents or guardians in the hotel rooms and public areas of the Hotel. Legal guardians take full liability for any damage of equipment and technical equipment arising as a result of children.
15. The behaviour of Guests should not disturb the peaceful stay of other Guests. Mental, physical pressures, verbal and physical abuse also verbal insults against Hotel staff or other Guests are not acceptable. Hotel may refuse to provide further service to a person who violates this policy.
16. For the comfort of all Guests, the hotel does not accept pets.

§ 2 ROOM

1. It’s forbidden to make any changes in the room.
2. No smoking in the room. Smoking is permitted only on the balcony.
3. There may apply an additional fee for extra cleaning associated with unusual dirt (hair dye, blood, markers, vomit), bed linen, towels and mattresses.
4. It’s not allowed to keep food out of the refrigerator, it can cause the accumulation of insects (flies, ants). In this case, Guests will be charged for disinfection.

1. It’s forbidden to bring any groceries (drinks, snacks, alcohol) from the outside Hotel (e.g. shops, market) into the public areas of the Hotel (restaurant, lobby, pool area, etc.).
2. It’s forbidden to listen to own music loudly.
3. Smoking only in designated areas (ashtray).
4. In public places Guest should be appropriately dressed.


1. It’s not allowed to entry the Restaurant outside of the designated meal times.
2. During the dinner dress code, formal attire.
3. Absolute ban on entering the restaurant in swimsuit and barefoot.
4. It is not allowed to take food outside from the Restaurant. In the case of illness of any Guest and the need of special assistance, please contact the maître of the Restaurant, in such cases Hotel will offer free room service.
5. It’s not allowed to refill bottles with drinks from the distributors in the restaurant.
6. In the case of out of hotel excursions a lunch box can ordered. This should be done the day before the departure until 18.00 at Reception.
7. Bar does not give alcohol to minors and drunk.

§ 5 POOL

1. The pools can be used from 09.00 till 19.00.
2. It is forbidden to jump into the pool.
3. It is forbidden to run around the pool.
4. It is prohibited to bring any glass objects around the pool area - safety considerations.
5. Sunbeds and umbrellas around the pools are free of charge.
6. It is forbidden to move the sunbeds and the umbrellas.
If Guest does not comply with Hotel’s Regulations, the Hotel Management has right to proceed with an immediately
check-out without any right to refund. In all other matters not considered above, applies the Law of Greek Civil Code.